Posted on by Blaire Burdette

Everyone needs to have a few wardrobe staples in their closet so they can easily put together a good outfit. From the most basic and casual items like t-shirts to dressier pieces, they will want to have enough variety to keep their wardrobe interesting. They will also want to have quality pieces so they will feel good about each item they wear.

A Basic White T-shirt
Everyone needs at least one good t-shirt, and a plain white t-shirt is a great choice. It looks nice when put under a cardigan or jacket, and it also looks good on its own. A t-shirt can be paired with everything from shorts or jeans to a dressier bottom for a more classy look.

A Good Pair Of Jeans
A nice pair of jeans will be perfect for every occasion, from a date to a day at home. They need to fit well and be made with good, high-quality materials. Everyone needs to try on jeans until they find the perfect pair to put in their closet.

A Pair Of Black Jeans
It is good to have a basic pair of jeans in the closet and to also have a nice pair of black jeans because they can be put with so many different tops. Black jeans are a good base for any stylish outfit. Everyone needs to find a pair that makes them excited to wear them.

A Jean Jacket Is Needed
Everyone will want to have a jean jacket in their closet because they can pull it on with any outfit to make it look complete. If they are feeling a bit chilly, they can pull out the jean jacket and put it with pretty much anything. They can find a comfortable jean jacket so they will want to wear it often.

A Nice Coat Or Blazer
The jean jacket will go with most things that they want to wear, but when they want to be a bit more dressed up, they will need another coat. They can get a dark coat or blazer that will pair well with every dressy outfit they put on, and they can also wear it on more casual days. They can pick a jacket that looks great with jeans or slacks so they will pull it from the closet often.

A Stylish Hat Is Great To Have
Another piece that everyone will want to have in their closet is a nice, stylish hat. They can put it on when they don't feel good about their hair or when they are going out in the sun. They can wear it for a day out on the town and they can pair it with everything.

All of these pieces are the start of a great wardrobe. Everyone can add in the extra clothing items that they want while wearing these basics often, and they will always feel confident about the outfits they put together.