Posted on by Blaire Burdette

2020: New Fashions on the Horizon

We have just barely gotten into 2020 and new fashions are on the horizons. Get your spring wardrobe ready for some changes this year. Why not incorporate some vibrancy into your closet with some fresh new styles. Romance is making its way back into our lives with added drama in sleeves.

2020 is the year to put a little extra thought into your sleeves because puffy sleeves are already here. Some fashion trends are expected to make a comeback in 2020. Everyone can enjoy a clean fashion slate this year and have a little added fun in your wardrobe. Start with your sleeves and keep up with the rest of the fashion trends because there is plenty of new styles waiting to be seized.

What to Expect in 2020 Fashion

You can expect to see colorful and light dresses this spring season because crochet has made its way into the fashion world full force. Polished suits, delicate vests, and elegant evening gowns are more sustainable than other material options. Crochet clothing is light and delicate. The fashion industry has embraced crochet clothing and has made it available to everyone.

Crocheted clothing will last for many years to come. Brightly colored midi dresses are delicate and they are made durable and fashionable at the same time. Crochet clothing is styling in 2020 and there is an abundance of stunning crocheted choices to choose from.

Polka dots are emerging in fashion. This is a print that has weaved its way in and out through the years. Polka dots and crochet are here to stay. Don't forget to indulge yourself with pleats because you can count on seeing pleats everywhere in 2020. Trench coats are making their way into closets everywhere too.

Making a statement with a customized trench coat has never been easier because "unique" is trending. Denim skirts will take the place of a pair of denim jeans because midi and maxi denim skirts have arrived.

Men and 2020 Fashions

Men are going to be adding extra appeal to their wardrobes this year and there is plenty of fashion changes happening in 2020. Men are encouraged to keep their valuables in a cross-body bag. They are stylish and handy at the same time. Cross-body bags are keeping their belongings safe while setting a stylish example for every male.

They are useful and attractive. Emerging trends have brought many patchwork prints to the surface. Expect to see men in oversized suits and even some flares in their pant legs. Men are encouraged to update their wardrobes and incorporate some extra style into their lives in 2020.

Never a Dull Fashion Moment in 2020

2020 has much in store for men and women. There is never a dull moment in fashion because new colors, grand styles, and extraordinary patterns will be seen all through the year. You may even see some light feathers weaved into fashion this year. You can expect the unexpected in fashion because dull moments are unheard of in this industry.