Posted on by Blaire Burdette

We’re nearing the bundle-up-or-freeze-like-a-Popsicle weather so you better get ready for it by getting the right fabrics. However, layering doesn’t mean you have to smother yourself in multiple heavy garments until you’re uncomfortable with it. There’s something to it that involves art and science.

There’s an aesthetic, as well as a functional aspect to layering. To effectively navigate the chilly winter, you’ll have to achieve a good balance between the two. Some people are great at the aesthetic but not as good when it comes to the functional part. Here are the best fabrics that can help you look stylish while keeping the cold out.

Love the Wool

The availability of wool in a variety of knits and weights makes it easier for you to wear it in a number of stylish ways, from sweaters to suits. It’s also an excellent option for cold weather because it fits softly on the skin while allowing for breathing. Wool helps add texture to your look. Moreover, it works on clothing and accessories.

If your bank account is in good condition, then cashmere is your best bet. It’s the warmest wool you can find around. However, there’s a great option for those who are not ready to splash out on it. Merino wool isn’t bad for warmth. You can wear it next to the skin as well. A sweater of this fabric strikes a great balance between comfort, warmth, and price.

Flannel is a Must-Have

Since checked and plaid fabrics are in, flannel shouldn’t miss on your next winter’s must-haves. This soft fabric feels great on the skin and can either work on its own or in layers. Flannel is the best option to keep you warm without the need to add bulk to your frame. This is because it’s very thin and tightly bound.

You could wear lightweight flannel clothing around the house or layer them under quality outerwear. When you’re spending much time outdoors, heavyweight options are preferable to keep you warm. Cotton flannel shirts or shirt dresses are breathable and great at keeping you toasty. Look for such.

Is Corduroy Worth It?

Typically, you can find warm and flexible corduroy on trousers, skirts, jackets, and dresses. Whether you’re looking for warmth or aesthetics, this is a great option as it can work on its own or with layers. Alone, it adds a fine textured and structured element to your looks.

The All-Weather Leather

Although leather is a year-round fabric, it’s best when it comes to keeping you warm during freezing winter seasons. Apart from molding to your figure, it’s a perfect shield against wind and other elements. Wear warm clothing underneath and put leather on top.