Posted on by Blaire Burdette

Spring is here so while everyone's waiting for the virus to subside why not get something accomplished like quickly clearing out the closet?

You've been wanting to get your closet space more organized quickly, here are some tips!

1. Make your move.

Get in and get out. Go at this with the intent of getting everything done quickly, ok?

You know what is there to work with. Just be at peace and go for it. Think as you go about what you want to happen and get this done quickly! So step one is to start with the mindset to do this fast so you can put this task behind you.

2. Make room and grab hangars:

When getting started some remove the contents of the closet out of the closet (everything out at once or section by section), With section by section, it's getting garments, shoes and whatever reorganized in ideally short waves of time.

If you find there's a lot to unload, use boxes to quickly organize. If needed organize to have a garage sale in the near future or give items away.
Make a space to organize. Clear some space and preferably in the same room. Use containers, hangars, or things you like to help keep your effects easier to deal with

3. Clean, quickly!

Clean quickly because we want to get in and out and use as little time as possible so we can go on to other things, right?

Clean the space the clothes are in. Clean by using pine cleaner or whatever you use - clean the space, sweep or vacuum. So quickly put some water and cleaner in a bucket or whatever vessel works and (per the directions on the bottle), wipe down shelves, walls, and door with the mild solution. Some like to wipe down again with a wet rag after. Let it dry a few minutes while you get some ice tea.

4. Put Back Essentials:

Place back in the closet the things that are most important, fit the best. Put the best of your effects back into the closet. You can leave the unneeded possessions boxed in the garage for a short time, just to make they can't be utilized.

5. Unload also means Unburden:

Unload the things that just aren't helping or contributing to life like you think they should have by now. Start separating things into boxes. Place in the boxes things you plan to sell at a garage sale, list online, give to whomever (give item/s to someone you know would enjoy them because they would enjoy the item).

Take pictures of some sentimental item that has turned out pointless as it has not helped in any way then give it away yet keep the memory in a picture.
It feels good when we scale back on having too many things, unused items, pointless items and things that just don't seem to do any good while sitting in the back of the closet. It's great to finish it all fast!